Colorado Part I: Cheese, Wine, & Denver

Colorado Part I: Cheese, Wine, & Denver

If you love cheese, wine, & Denver, this post is for you. Back in February, Sam & I took a mini trip to Denver, Colorado the weekend before Valentine’s Day and I’m finally getting around to posting about it now. We had so much FUN. We definitely needed to get away to a new city for a bit. I highly recommend a mini vacation every now and then to clear your mind and get out of your daily routine.

While we were waiting at Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans, we saw Harry Connick Jr. walk up while a bunch of cheerleaders surrounded him to take a photo. Next thing we know, we are boarding our plane and he ends up on the same flight as us. WHAT!

Once we arrived in Denver, we settled into our hotel at the Denver Marriot City Center. This hotel is so nice and OMG the bathroom lighting is AMAZING! It was perfect for taking good photos of my makeup. We ended up eating at the hotel restaurant called Prospect’s. We ordered the charcuterie board, salads, the mac n cheese with house pork belly, and of course wine! I was definitely on a cheese kick on this trip; honestly, I could live off of cheese boards and mac n cheese for days!

We woke up to a beautiful view of Denver. There’s something about seeing beautiful mountains behind a city skyline that puts me in awe because in New Orleans, it’s flat. No mountains anywhere. Once we got up, we headed to the fitness center because I was not going to miss a day of my BBG workout streak. The fitness center had everything I needed to complete my workout, except the air I’m used to. It was so much harder to workout since we weren’t used to the dry air yet, but we got through it.

After our workout, we picked up Starbucks and headed to the Museum of Nature & Science. This is where Sam insisted on going because he had so many memories of when he went as a kid. Side note: Sam lived in Highlands Ranch, Colorado for four years and is always talking about how much he misses living there. At the museum, we saw an IMAX movie called Wild of Africa. We explored a few exhibits then saw a film about Black Holes in the Planetarium. The Planetarium was probably my favorite part of the museum because it feels like you’re actually in space. It also made me want to take a nap because it was so mesmerizing and relaxing. We grabbed some quick food in the T-Rex Cafe then headed to see the mummy and dino exhibits. Once we had enough of science for the day, we took a stroll around City Park and around Ferril Lake. Again, I cannot say how beautiful the mountains looked in the distance. Maybe next time we’re in Colorado we’ll go skiing.

For dinner, we ate at Cru on Larimer Street. We sat outside so we could enjoy the weather and people watch. We had a couple flights of wine. Sam had different reds, while I had my whites. Chardonnays and Champagnes are my favorite. We ordered another charcuterie plate and a pizza to split. It was fabulous! The lights and the sky were so pretty once it started getting dark. We walked down to Larimer Square after dinner to see all of the shops and the night life.

To be continued…


  1. Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time! I can’t believe you continued to work out! Dedication. I need it. Can I borrow some? I need to get rid of my mum bod before my friend’s wedding hahaha. Also, pizza for dinner? A girl after my own heart. Yes.

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