Boyfriend Takeover: Steak & Potatoes Edition

Happy Friday! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone! Just last weekend, my boyfriend, Sam, and I finally had the weekend to relax and be lazy. Sam decided he wanted to cook us a steak dinner, which hadn’t happened in quite a while because we had been so busy. He has been trying to cook the perfect steak for some time now and let me tell you, he has come a long way. This steak was AMAZING. It is definitely worth a try for any steak lover.

*This is a Boyfriend Blog Takeover! Read below for his description of this delicious meal; perfect for date night!



What you’ll need:

  • 2 prime cut tenderloins
  • Italian seasoning
  • Ground cayenne red pepper
  • Black pepper
  • Salt
  • Emeril’s original essence all purpose seasoning blend
  • Tabasco’s spicy salt
  • Olive oil
  • Red wine (for cooking the steak & to drink of course!)
  • Mushrooms
  • 2 potatoes
  • Toppings for the potatoes (we used cheese, sour cream, & butter)




When it comes to cooking, I pretty just much wing it. I don’t know much about the culinary arts, I just like to cook. And sometimes it works out.

The Steaks

  • Two steaks (whatever cut your heart desires) in this case, I chose Tenderloins. I let them get to room temp before I do anything with them. Start by rubbing generous amounts of salt and pepper to both sides of the steak and the edges too. I mean really get in there, like they’re customers at your Kitchen Massage Parlor.
  • Next rub in some cayenne pepper, then Italian seasoning (generic), and finally, as a bonus, Emeril’s original essence all-purpose seasoning blend. This seasoning combination was completely random; I don’t think it makes sense really, but it ended up being really tasty!


The Potatoes

  • I let the steaks rest with the combined seasonings rubbed in for about 30 minutes while the potatoes were baking. Speaking of which, baking potatoes is simple. Take two potatoes, wash them thoroughly. You do not want to eat dirt. I promise. Then, you need to poke holes in the potato that go all the way to the center. I used a fork, it was highly effective. Get your oven pre-heated; I went to 400 degrees. Wrap a baking tray in some foil, and place the bare potatoes right on that sucker. Set your timer for 60 minutes. Prepare an olive oil and salt mixture and get a food brush (like you would use when making BBQ). At 30 minutes in, take the potatoes out and brush this olive oil and salt combination thoroughly on both potatoes. That mixture that is brushed onto the potatoes is going to seep into the potato and give it just a hint of flavor.


Back to the Steaks

  • Now we cook the steaks! I pan cook my steaks, I always have. Couldn’t really tell you why. Heat the pan to medium high heat to start. When it gets hot, throw some butter in that joint. Get that butter going nice and melty like, and then add some olive oil in there so that the butter doesn’t burn! Add your steaks and sear both sides, plus the edges. When it browns up a bit, turn that heat down a little bit and let the steaks cook more slowly and all the way through. Overall cooking time will also vary depending on how well you prefer your steaks to be cooked. We like a nice Medium Rare ourselves so the process can be pretty rapid fire in our case.
  • Once you’ve got the steak cooking for a bit, it’s time to add some magic; Red wine. Good God does red wine add flavor. If you fancy yourself a wine drinker, add some of that red goodness into your pan. You’ll want to let that simmer for a good while. Eventually, it turns into a kind of sauce. It’s killer. Also around this time, feel free to add a little more seasoning or salt and pepper. In our case I threw in some Tabasco Spicy Salt, just to add one more level of kick.
  • Finally, I chopped up some mushrooms and added them into the pan with the steaks. You’ll want to get them in there with all of those seasonings and sauces now brewing so that the mushrooms can get a thorough cook as well. Don’t forget about those potatoes in the oven! 60 minutes has come and gone oh so quickly. Take them out and wrap them in foil if you need to wait on opening them up, otherwise, cut them down the middle and add your toppings of choice! Take the steaks and mushrooms off the heat of the stove and let them rest for about 5 minutes. The juices in the steaks need to re-distribute themselves during this time.

Once that time is up, D I G I N!

*Any leftovers can be used in the morning for breakfast. I ended up throwing the steak in with the bacon while it was cooking. 

–“Chef” Sam 



September 23, 2016
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  • Reply Jaye Shields

    I LOVE steak. Believe it or not though, my boyfriend is not a huge fan. Sometimes I make it for myself though 😉

    September 23, 2016 at 8:58 pm
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