Our First Stop in the UK: Edinburgh

The first part of our trip to Great Britain was lovely. Edinburgh, our first stop, was full of amazing architecture, delicious food, and good beer.


On Friday morning, we woke up at 3 AM to catch a flight from New Orleans to New York. We then had a 10 hour layover at the JFK airport. We thought about taking a cab into the city but we had tried that last time and ended up in a Starbucks and paying too much for a cab. So, we decided to explore the airport. We found a rooftop area in terminal 5 that no one seemed to know about. It had mounds of fake grass that you could lay on. This felt so good on our backs since airplane seats aren’t the most comfortable. We spent most of our time there, then tried to walk around the airport as much as we could because a.) we wanted to get our Fitbit steps up and b.) we were about to be on a 9 hour flight. We also found nap pods that were vacant so we tried them out; they were very relaxing. Seriously, why don’t we have these at work? Finally, we boarded the plane to Dublin at 9 PM.



It was Saturday morning when we arrived in Dublin 9 hours later. Walking through the Dublin airport made me want to stay in Ireland but we had one more flight to go. The flight to Edinburgh was only about an hour. We caught a cab to the Air BNB flat that we stayed in, dropped our luggage off, then left to find a place to eat. Angel Share was where we decided to eat steak burgers and drink beer and cider. It was all delicious! The strawberry and lime Kopparberg cider is so refreshing and fruity; it’s definitely worth a try. We then stopped at Starbucks for coffee to try and wake us up since we were so jet-lagged but it didn’t seem to work. So we went back to our flat, took showers, and napped.

Since it was our only Saturday night in Edinburgh, my dad decided to wake us up to go for a drink at a pub. It was perfect timing too because Emily, the sister that lives in Ireland, had just arrived in Edinburgh and met us in the pub. I ordered a smoky Bloody Mary that literally came out in a smoking glass. It was very spicy but delicious. We ended up ordering delicious appetizers with our drinks.


Since we were so tired from traveling, we woke up pretty late on Sunday. We ate at Galvin’s for lunch, where I ordered the Sunday roast. Next, we toured the Edinburgh Castle, where we saw the Crown Jewels, the Stone of Destiny, and explored the Great Hall. We also got to try some whiskey that I actually ended up liking. We then took a stroll on the Royal Mile, which is the main streat in Old Town of Edinburgh. We ate dinner at Tiles Bar; I ordered the haddock and it was delicious.

We had drinks at an outdoor pub called Mahone’s. It was very lively with great music but, unfortunately, closed early so we had to find another place to have a drink. We asked some locals that we had met at Mahone’s where they suggested to go, so we made our way to the hot spot: Whistle Binkies. The name alone made us laugh but this pub was so much fun. They had live music and friendly people. Our table ended up being a party with two police officer women from Edinburgh, a man from Spain, a man from Italy, and a man from Edinburg, and a man from England. It was a long night full of dancing and chatting with new friends.


On Monday, we woke up late again since we were out pretty late the night before. We ate amazing pork sandwiches at a place called Oink. My dad took about an hour talking about whiskey with the employee at The Whiskey Shop. We shopped around in the Red Door Gallery. We went to the rooftop at the Museum of Scotland to see an amazing view of Edinburgh. I pet the nose of the Greyfriars Bobby statue because it is suppose to bring you good luck. Greyfriar Bobby was a Skye Terrier who guarded his owners grave for years until he died himself.

We ate steak pie and Mac N’ Cheese at Biddy Mulligan’s. We then went to Teviot Row House for a drink in the Library Bar. This was part of the university and looked like a building from Harry Potter. The architecture in Edinburgh was my favorite part of the city. We went back to the flat because the next day we were heading to Keswick!

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