• Our First Stop in the UK: Edinburgh

    The first part of our trip to Great Britain was lovely. Edinburgh, our first stop, was full of amazing architecture, delicious food, and good beer. Friday On Friday morning, we woke up at 3 AM ...

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    Our First Stop in the UK: Edinburgh
  • Floral Jumpsuits

      Floral Jumpsuits The perfect spring outfits are floral jumpsuits! I wore this yellow floral jumpsuit on Mother's Day. I love how colorful it is and not to mention so comfortable! The ...

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    Floral Jumpsuits
  • Prima Donnas: Guardians of Haute Couture

    Photography by Kristen & Heather Who loves Mardi Gras?! I DO! But I especially love being a part of the Prima Donnas parade! Side note: I know this post is a couple months late, but better late ...

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    Prima Donnas: Guardians of Haute Couture
  • Maybelline 24K Nudes Palette Review

    The 24K Nudes Eyeshadow Palette When I first received this product, I was so excited to try it because the colors looked so pretty! I was disappointed because these shades weren't pigmented enough ...

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    Maybelline 24K Nudes Palette Review
  • Gingham Dress + Scallop Heels

    Gingham Dress // Scallop Heels I've been on an ASOS kick recently, especially since they sell Pull&Bear products! I was introduced to this brand in Spain & fell in love. Their clothes ...

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    Gingham Dress + Scallop Heels

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We woke up early yesterday morning and ate omlets that my dad had made along with toast and jam. We then packed up and took a few more pictures of the sheep and the cottage that we were leaving.        We made a quick stop at the abbey down the road then we left for Dublin. It was about…

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This morning we ate toast and jam with the cheese that we bought from the Birds of Prey Centre. I know, more cheese, but we just love it so much. After breakfast, we went to an Irish mass. It was very small but it was kind of comforting. There was a choir of kids and they all had such beautiful…

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Birds of Prey

Today, we woke up well rested and ate some salmon and egg toast that Emily made us. It was very good and held us over until dinner time. After breakfast, we went to the farmer’s market and bought a Nutella and banana crepe even though we had already eaten. They’re just so good! Then we headed to the Burren Birds…

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Irish I Lived Here

We finally made it to Emily’s house in Ballyvaughn, Ireland! I couldn’t get any sleep on the plane since there was a child kicking my seat for the whole seven hours. I think there should be a kids section on planes where they can’t scream in your ear and kick your seats. Anyways…Emily’s house is so cute!! There is such…

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