Prima Donnas: Guardians of Haute Couture

Photography by Kristen & Heather

Who loves Mardi Gras?! I DO! But I especially love being a part of the Prima Donnas parade! Side note: I know this post is a couple months late, but better late than never!

Every Mardi Gras, I walk in a women’s parade with family and friends. We are called the Prima Donnas. Each year, there is an overall theme; this years theme was Fantasy & Fables. Within the Prima Donnas, there are multiple groups. In August, we all get together for the Hat Party and each group picks a hat. The hats are designed to go with a sub-theme, such as Wizard of Oz, Dr. Seuss, Unicorns, etc. This year our group picked Wizard of Oz. I chose to be the cowardly lion because I love cats, of course. We all bead and design our own bustiers, which is fun but tedious. I had burn marks from several hot glue incidents and GLITTER ends up appearing everywhere. Literally, I had a trail of glitter from the living room to my room from the tutus we made. Muses has shoes, Nyx has purses, but the Prima Donnas specialty throw is BRAS! So along with our bustier, we also custom design and bead bras to throw. Seriously, if you don’t have a bra to throw, you’re out of luck because people aren’t that interested in beads when the person next to you is dangling a beaded, sparkly bra.

Most of the women also wear wigs. This year I chose to go with a lion’s mane-looking wig. Is it weird that I kind of want to wear it on the reg since my hair is so flat? The makeup is my favorite part. Again, more glitter. My makeup inspiration was Nikkitutorials Glittery Glam Lion makeup. My highlight was literally glitter. It takes forever to get ready the day of, making sure we have everything on that we had planned.

This is an all-day thing. We had to meet in the lobby of the Loews hotel at 9:30 am, then we walk to Sak’s Fifth Avenue! Once in Sak’s, we are presented with the groups theme as we parade around the employees, friends, and family. Once we’re all on the first floor, we have mimosas and a dance party. We make the final touches to our outfits and faces in the mirrors that are on top of the glass displays. Next, we walk to The Court of Two Sisters for brunch and more mimosas. The food is always so delicious. This year I made sure to fill up on food, since it’s such a long eventful day of drinking. Once we are all done, we line up for the Grande Strut! We start on Bourbon St. and walk to St. Peters, Royal St. Bienville, then back to Bourbon St. Our last stop is Tropical Isle Balcony. Once we’re here, we grab drinks and throw some bras and beads.

We threw our bras and beads, danced, drank, and had a blast. My mom, aunt, cousin, and I even made it on the local news!


Live Fabuliz!


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